M Scarf - Peace silk hair scarf, fair fashion
M Scarf - Peace silk hair scarf, fair fashion
M Scarf - Peace silk hair scarf, fair fashion
M Scarf - Peace silk hair scarf, fair fashion

*SAMPLE SALE* The Peacock - M-Scarf - Embroidered Peace Silk

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This scarf only has embroidery at one end.

Peace Silk hand-embroidered hair scarf. Wear it tied around a ponytail or braid it in a loose bun. The scarf has a small loop, to which you can attach a bobby pin (not included) to keep the scarf in place.

The scarf also looks great around your neck or as a decorative bow on your purse. It comes with a beautiful zipper pouch, so you have a place to store it when you are not wearing it. The pouch might be different from the one in the photo.

The scarf measures 2in x 34.5in

100% Peace Silk

Made in Cambodia

What is Peace Silk/Ahimsa Silk?

Silk is such a beautiful and versatile material, and I knew from the beginning, that I wanted to sell silk products in my shop, but when I was looking for suppliers, I was shocked to find out how silk is typically made. Did you know that the traditional way to produce silk is to boil the cocoons with the silkworms inside? Many hundreds of silkworms are boiled alive, just to make one scarf! That seemed unnecessary and cruel to me, so I started looking for alternative ways of making silk, and I found out about ahimsa silk.

Ahimsa silk is made without harming the silkworms, which are allowed to hatch and become butterflies. It takes longer time and it is a more expensive process, but no butterflies die in the process which is why ahimsa silk is also called peace silk and non-violent silk.

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The women from CWSG make the hair scarf, which comes in a beautiful embroidered pouch made from handwoven cotton from Weavers Village in Cambodia.

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